Hacking has been developed over the years to be unstoppable. Newcomers to the hacking community learn the rules by associating with established hackers. Hackers like to hack in order to impress each other. Hackers also do not know about the cost results of their actions. All studies show that hackers are generally young, and do not have full-time jobs or own property. They do not consider that if they do get into a system and make an unintentional, simple mistake, they could cost the company thousands, and possibly millions of dollars. I think that every computer professional, including the best, have made a mistake that has caused the loss of data, service or money. Young hackers do not know what a System Administrator is faced with on a day-to-day basis, and neither do they realize the problem they cause for already overworked people. The art of computer hacking has grown since the computers first started to appear. Despite the growing trend of hacking, very little research has been done on the hacking world and its culture. The image of a computer hacker has grown from a harmless nerd into a vicious technocriminal. Although hacking is a growing trend in our society, it is not one that is accepted in the United States or any other country. In the past, hackers were basically known as just computer experts. Nowadays hacker means the same thing as a cracker, a person who pirates software, and malicious hackers. There are hackers out there that will do there best to harm any system they can, national security documents. The bad hackers are dangerous if they may gain access to classified information. There is a number of things that our country (USA) is realizing about Cyber terrorism. In 1998, president Clinton created the Commission of Critical Infrastructure Protection. This protects the innocent and helpless from hackers and gives them the right over the power of Cyber Terrorists. Also in many government organizations, they have formed some type of group to deal with cyber terrorist and block them from stealing money as well as information. (…)

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