The Present Tense Continuous

The Past Tense Continuous 1. Exprima o actiune in desfasurare intr-un moment trecut.(Specificarea momentului trecut este obligatorie.) Forme:Aff:S+was\were+V-ing Int:Was\were+S+V-ing? Neg:S+was not\were not+V-ing Este folosit cu:-at this time ,yesterday -at 7 o’clock yesterday morning Exemple:I was doing my homework at this time yesterday. I was having breakfast at 7o’clock yesterday morning. 2.Exprima doua actiuni care se desfasoara simultan intr-un moment din trecut. Exemple:While mother was cocking , Mary was washing the plates. I was doing my homework while my brother was sleeping. 3.Exprima o actiune trecuta in desfasurare intrerupta de o actiune momentana. Exemple:They were travelling in space when the explosion happened. I was reading a book when the phone rang.

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