The Punishment

The Punishment


I was sleeping,when suddenly I heard a noise.I got from the bed,I lit the room and I took courage to go up in the kitchen,room where noise is heard.While I descending the stairs, I heard again a noise,but now more strong than that,which scared me awful.

Initially I wanted to go back in my room but I was need to know whence come that noise.

Again I took courage,and I'm enetered in the kitchen.I lit the room,and there was no one.

I looked around,but nothing.I wanted to get back in my room again,but the water began to flow,and the plates are strating make hubbub.

Hearing this mysterious noises,I was horribly frightned.Immediatly I thought of those strange

phenomens about haunted houses,but while I was thinking my younger sister who was hidden under the table began to laugh of my face scared.

In that moment,I think at an terrible punishment because she scared me.

I didn't want to tell my mother what's happened;was to less for what she did,but I know one thing;my sassy sister hate rock music.

So I decided to open my PC and all the night I kept rock music to maximum volume for annoy my sister and to didn'tlet her to sleep.

the next day,she promise me that will not scared me never and say me:I don't want to hear rock music in the next 10 years!


I smiled,but I don't promides her this thing>:)!

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